EPA 1100 Pedestal

1100 Pedestal Wood Burning Stove
Heating 1500 sq. ft.

Napoleon's pedestal model wood burning stove features a solid, dynamic appearance with performance to match. The 1100 pedestal model is designed to provide you with outstanding heat efficiencies while achieving low emissions. Comes standard with black louvres, black trivet & ash pan with lid. Shown in porcelain green enamel with 24 Karat gold arched door.


Appealing pedestal base provides a well concealed inlet for combustion air which can be drawn from outside to add even more heating efficiency
The easy operation of a single lever burn control regulates primary and secondary air establishing a perfect mixture and providing a clean burn
Wrap around side shields add a delicate balance of elegance and functional practicality helping to disperse heat evenly and reduce clearances to combustibles
Large viewing area through an elegantly arched cast iron door
air wash in combination with high temperatures keeps the viewing glass clean
Large ash dump with convenient folding lid and dual carrying handles ad to the ease of cleaning
Economical 6" flue assures you of efficiency and cost saving installations
Secondary air tube insulated with ceramic fiber and protected with a stainless steel cover plate ensures complete combustion
Upper firebox lined with ceramic fiber baffles
Cool room air is circulated around the firebox, heated and returned to the room
Non-catalytic high tech design eliminates the need for a delicate ceramic catalytic combustor which can deteriorate over time
Full canopy top with trivet deflects heat forward into the room
Black trivet, black louvres and black ash pan with lid come standard with the unit
Available in painted black, porcelain enamel black, almond or green
President's Limited Lifetime Warranty